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Memorial created 12-13-1997 by
Carolyn Lewis
Susan Elizabeth Farnsworth
June 30 1959 - October 24 1995

This was the Eulogy that I wrote for my daughter's funeral. It described a moment of her life; I offered it as a sweet memory for her children and her brother because the circumstances of her life and death cheated all of us.


Red-blonde hair streamed behind the girl-woman as she rode wild and free on the majestic bay horse beneath her. The two charged up the snow-covered mountainside and darted between boulders and pine trees.

The flowing black mane of the bay contrasted with the young woman's fairness and briefly traced a pattern of golden dust and shadow swirling over the glistening snow of Wyoming's deepest winter.

I watched the two thundering up and down the mountainside, volcanoes of snow exploding beneath the bay's hooves. I was told they came to do a job but the young woman and her horse looked to be having too good a time for this to be true.

A rope whistled through the air from the red-knuckled, well-worked hands of the girl-woman. A calf fell with a thud onto a bed of snowy earth.

Quickly the young woman jumped from the horse and deftly gave medicine to the calf. This completed, the calf scampered away bawling for his mother.

The horse waited patiently for the young woman. He gave me a look that spoke,

"See! I TOLD you we were working!"

Finally, sun setting, we quietly returned to the ranchhouse where the young woman whispered in the bay's ear as she released him into the corral.

I was filled with awe and with fear as I watched her because I saw, for the first time, that she did not belong to me or the Earth that I lived on. She was a spirit of light and air, wild, free, and forever untamed and her spirit would evermore rebel against the burden of Earth's rules and regulations. I knew as surely as the sun setting or the seasons of the year numbering four that just as air has to flow Susie's spirt would forever struggle to fly freely, unfettered.

I will never forget my daughter as she was when she was a Wyoming Cowgirl.


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