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Memorial created 04-6-2006 by
Diane K.
Gail Ross
November 26 1949 - April 2 2006

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Gail Ross, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Gail's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Gail forever.

What do the color purple, coffee, the NY Yankees, and Greyhounds have in common? Gail Ross Purple was her color. Gail was born and raised near Central Park in New York City, the only child of Al and Rose, who loved her dearly. Growing up, she was close to her grandmother, Jennie; her aunt Fannie and her cousin Arlene. Gail was a bright child with a sense of humor, a fun-loving spirit and known to be mischievous. She was an original Beatle Maniac. Gail worked in the publishing industry for many years and met many famous people. She was intelligent, well read and had a knack for adding pizzazz to written material. After leaving publishing, Gail settled in a picturesque village in upstate NY. The desire for a warmer climate brought her to Florida. Gail had her preferences...in addition to purple and the NY Yankees, Gail loved her coffee. Have you ever met anyone who traveled with their own coffee, including filters...Gail did. When her purple bag was accidently picked up by another traveler (who had the same exact bag - in Lubbock, TX), the concern was not for her belongings, it was the coffee. Thankfully, the bag was returned and coffee brewing within a short time. If you have never shared a cup of coffee with Gail, you have missed a treat. Zabarís provides the grounds and Gail makes the best coffee. She was a faithful fan of the NY Yankees, a love she shared with Aunt Fannie. She did not like the thought of Roger and Andy moving to the Houston Astros. However, being a good sport, she wished them happiness, but noted that red was not a good color for Andy. Gail was a great friend. She was always on the computer or close to the phone and kept in touch with everyone. She sent us words of wisdom, humor, inspiration and just plain talk. You could tell her anything. If she didnít agree, she would let you know. If she thought you could do better, she would tell you. And if she thought you were fooling yourself, she would point that out. She was a great listener and knew the right thing to say to provide comfort, when needed. If you were in search of information or a special product to help you do a job, she either knew about it or would research it on the internet and send you the URL, a picture and complete information. She might even order it for you and just have it delivered. Gail was greatly loved. She had many roles...friend, family, counselor, advisor, teacher. Gail was generous with her heart, her time and her money. Whether she was indulging her animals or friends, Gail would seek out just the right gift or message to make one smile or ease their situation. The dogs and cats she called her children were lucky indeed. Her animal-children had a great home and life, better than some people. She even made a special temporary home for animals who were in transit. Her kindness and gentleness brought out the best in them and she allowed them to have their own personalities...Nony (the dog that would not be caged) and Babbett, her 19 year old cat, awaiting her arrival and those who will miss her...Thera, Tut, Wanda, Lulu and Raoul Ramon (aka Rey). Gailís work on behalf of Greyhounds was well known. She was active in the Greyhound Protection League and Greyhound Network News and stood up for these gentle creatures, who could not do so for themselves. If a dog was traveling to a far off home, she would make contacts far and wide to line up transportation for various legs of their journey, or post an APB to be on the look out for a lost animal. Her own life journey was not easy, yet she worked to create a life with purpose, enriching the lives of her friends (human and 4-legged) and giving of her heart generously. Gail touched many lives. Gail, We miss you, and know that you will be with Phyllis, Fannie, Rose, Al, Jennie, Nony, and Babbett. Hope they have great coffee. Letís raise our mugs to wish you peace and sweet slumber. Love, Your friends and family


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