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Memorial created 05-7-2006 by
DeniseRachel Garcia
Benny Richard Garcia,Jr
March 10 1967 - May 2 2006

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Benny Garcia,Jr, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Benny's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Benny forever.

Benny Was a man that was Loved by everyone he met... He was A wonderful Big Brother,Uncle, Son And Father!!! Benny...My brother was a great friend, to have had him as a friend and to have ever met him was very lucky!! He has gone through so many obstacles in his life he has worked so hard to better his life for himself... his daughter...his mother and family. He did not want to bother (so he thought) with his sicknesses or problems... he has done anything and everything to move forward, I am so proud of You Big Brother...I just wish that you had come to me and allow me to take care of you! Benny is Loved by many people and will be missed so much everyday...every second!! On the last day so many people came to show their love and respect for this wonderful man that has touched their lives in one way or another... he looked hansome and in peace.... Thank you to everyone who came to Bless my brother with love!!!


This Is his Beautiful One and only Baby Girl that he loved with all of his heart..... Bianca Helen Garcia!!! Remember Your Daddy Loves You very much!!!!


This is Tricia..... Biancas Mother and someone very special to my brother... She has given him the opportunity to spend the years with his daughter....


This is his Baby sister Denise, His half brother Melvin...and Ofcourse...Benny....With that beautiful smile of his!!!


Although they went through their disagreements in life their hasn't been a day that went by that neither one of them thought about eachother.... Dad loves you very much and he had wished you would have taken that hard step and came to him.... he loves you and I know that you loved him too!!!!!


I know that you were a HUGE NY Yankee Fan.... they loved you too!!!!


This is Benny's mom... Raquel...the one who loved him always and his nephew Christian


His Uncle Jose Luis from Puerto Rico and our Grandma Marcolina....May she rest in peace with you my Brother!!!!


Benny with one of his many friends!!!!!


The Perfect Combination..... You Loved them Both......


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