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Memorial created 05-25-2006 by
LaDawn Wilkinson
Kaylee Marie Walker
May 1 2002 - November 27 2005

Kaylee "Toots" Marie Walker

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Kaylee Walker, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Kaylee 's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Kaylee forever. Kaylee, or "Toots" as I called her- was the sweetest 3 1/2 year old. She loved everything in life. I miss her terribly- our whole family misses her. She was a lil' thing when she was born.. weighing only 5lbs 5oz. She was strong from the start. She lived her life to the fullest & loved visiting both Grandma's. Her Grandma in Illinois & her Nana in South Dakota. When Kaylee really loved someone she would say "My Mama" or "My Jordan" - She said "MY" a lot. It was the cutest thing ever. She loved her nails painted & her toes too. I'll never forget one time at my mom's house. Kaylee was 3 - and the house had gotten pretty quit. So my mom went to look for her. She was in my mom's room with a bottle of nail polish open ready to paint her nails. She looked up surprised to see "Nana"- and said something along the line of - " Look what I found" knowing she was caught. - "Can we paint my nails?" - It was the cutest thing ever & she never dumped the nail polish over. :-) One time - she was here with us & we were eating dinner. She wasn't to interested in eating supper that night. Jordan (my husband's son) was trying to get her to eat.. but she kept getting down from the table. I was very frustrated & said "Kaylee Marie , get your lil butt up her & eat!!" She replied back- "But Mama, I want my butt down here.." I couldn't help but laugh- even tho at the time - i was trying to be serious & have her eat supper. How can you not laugh at something that cute. We all held our laughs in for about 5 seconds- then the laughs came pouring out. We laughed a long time about that. She loved her barbies - dolls - her favorite blankey that she took every where with her. Kaylee’s Dad (Dan) and I were divorced. We all lived in South Dakota. When he got out of the Air Force in 2004. He & his girlfriend , Heather, & Kaylee decided to move to Morris, Ill . That's where all his family is from. It was a hard day for me. They moved but we set up visitation. I soon after moved out to Washington to be with my boyfriend at the time. Kaylee got to come out here once. And she got to see the ocean for the very first time & sadly her last time. That was in September 2005. I had gotten plane tickets for us to get her again in December 2005. For another visit.


On November 23, 2005 - Dan & Heather & Kaylee were to fly out in a Piper Pa-28-140 airplane to Denver , Colorado. That's where Heather’s family was. They were going out there for Thanksgiving. I had called the next morning ,November 24, 2005 - to check on them. They had made it to somewhere in Iowa. And were about to take off again to make it into Denver. I talked to Kaylee & wished her a Happy Thanksgiving. And told her to eat lots of turkey & to fill her belly all the way up with yummy food til her belly button was poking out. She laughed & said “ Ok, Mama” - We talked about little stuff & then she had to go. That was the last time I ever talked to her. Our last words were “ I love you, Toots” and she said back “I love you too , My Mama” - She said “bye bye” - and so did I. I didn't know that it was really going to be “BYE BYE”. If I had known I would have talked to her forever that day. And told her a million more times that I loved her - what a joy she was in my life. I had text message , Heather on November 25th - to make sure they made it ok. She in return text me back & said - “ Hey, we made it just fine. Were watching 3D Chicken Lil’ right now. Thanks for checking’- We will try and have Kaylee call you. On November 26th I had called Dan’s phone to talk to Kaylee. She was trying on dresses. For Dan & Heather’s wedding. He said he would have her call me back when she was done. That was the last time I talked to Dan. I told him to give her my love & kiss n hug. He said he would. The next day - November 27th .. My life fell apart and all hope was lost. I would never be the same again. We had gotten up. I tried to call Dan’s phone again. It went strait to voice mail. I figured they were in the air, flying. They were flying back to Morris, Ill. We left the house that day -leaving our phones. We got back to the house at around 5:30pm. I noticed something on the door. It was a card from the police. Jeff had grabbed his phone.. there were several missed calls on his phone. Jeff called the police back as I looked at my phone. I had several missed call too. I heard on my voice message - my dads voice cracking as he told me to call him back right away. And that he loved me. I had several messages.. but I knew something was terribly wrong. I didn't listen to the rest. Just called my dad. Jeff told me they had asked if I lived at his house. He told them yes. They said they would be right over. I called my dad. He began to weep and said “ This is the hardest thing I will ever do in my life... LaDawn.. Kaylee & Dan & Heather's plane crashed. My heart stopped & I yelled “NO” - At that time the police were at the door. They told me what had happened. And that there were no survivors. My whole world crashed around me. Kaylee, her dad (Dan) & her step mommy ( Heather) were all killed & are now all 3 in Heaven.. How can my life go on...???????


Kaylee Marie Walker & Daniel Walker & Heather Boatman - are all 3 in our hearts forever. Im thankful I have 3 Angels watching over me. We miss all 3 of you and will LOVE you forever and ever!!!


Kaylee just hours old! Ahh ... She was so tiny. My mom, her Nana, had to make doll clothes for her. Because no other clothes would fit her. She wore the doll clothes til she was about 1 1/2 month old. Then fit into newborn clothes! My Baby Angel Girl...


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