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Memorial created 01-15-1998 by
Ginger Kahn
Lloyd Felsenthal Kahn Jr.
April 2 1938 - October 18 1975

Lloyd was a loving dad to Ginger, Amy, David and Adam. He was taken too early from those who loved him in his life, and is sorely missed.

Lloyd was born to Lloyd Sr and Ann in 1938 in NY. He had a sister Sue who was the only survivor at the time of his death other than his wife and children. Sue also has a husband Bill and three adored daughters, Annie, Mary and Lisa.  His mother Ann died when he was 17 and his dad shortly before his death. He worked at his fathers side running Alkahn Silk Labels Co. for his whole working life and he worked hard. He has a surviving Aunt Maxine that he adores, along with her Husband Sylvan, and Daughter Ellen (George) Anthonisen, His favorite cousin. His cousin Terry died before him in 1971. He married Charlene in 1962 and they moved to Beverly Hills California. In 1963 Ginger was born and in 1965 came Amy. They moved shortly thereafter to NY where they lived for the remainder of his life. In 1967 David was born and in 1972 last but not least came Adam.

He loved life and family. He enjoyed tennis and photography as a hobbies and was good at them.  He even built darkrooms in his homes. He was also a talented magician and we enjoyed this talent at every birthday party we had. He was actively involved in his local synagogue and the Jewish religion. He helped to break ground and lay the first stone to the temple, and he enjoyed attending services with his family. He had strong religious and family values. He loved Hershey?s chocolate and licorice bits. He loved Rueben sandwiches and creamed herring. I have as many memories as a 12 year old could and I try to give what I can to the younger ones. He was kind and gentle, hard working and fun. he was funny and yet serious when he had to be. He spent time with us and taught us to ride bikes. he taught us card tricks and woke us up to watch the moon walk. At dinner he played "who did I see today", and sometimes it was Mickey Mouse. We all miss him and loved him very much. His untimely death touched all of us in our own ways. We have had many milestones.....graduations, weddings and childbirth, and these are the hardest. We hope that wherever he is he knows how much we loved and still love him, and will always miss him in our lives. This is for you dad {{{{{{{Kiss}}}}}}}{{{{{{{{Hug}}}}}}}}} we love you!

My dad died in 1975 and was not priviledged to be part of the computer era. I have created this memorial with this in mind. He was a technological person, and he would have been tickled pink by the internet. Maybe even addicted to it (laughing to myself). By creating this he is now forever part of this internet world and I believe he would be honored by this. he may not have been able to experience the internet in life but he is now a part of it for eternity. I think everyone would agree that this would makehim smile :-).
--Ginger Michele Kahn


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