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Gertrude Ezell
Robert Christopher Ezell
October 6 1974 - July 1 2006

In his own words: “I am 31. I am a father of 4 girls, have a stepson (just got married on the 10th) and have twin BOYS on the way. I went to school at Alaska Job Corps Center and took Water and Wastewater Treatment. From there I went to work in the oil fields and villages. I now work for 2 weeks on and am off for 2 weeks at a time… I am heavy into ATVs also. I have a fully built Raptor with around 20K in it. My daughter has a quad, my oldest has a Raptor we are building together right now. I live in Alaska…Most of the people I work with are older than me with kids my age or my age with no kids and do not understand that I cannot party as much as I wish, add in the fact that I collect toys, read comix actually chose to work with poo for a living and ride a quad like a maniac …Add all that up mix it a little and you got me.” On July 1, 2006 Robert Christopher Ezell, son of Wayne & Mary Lawson and Robert & Anne Ezell of Virginia, died while riding his beloved Raptor at Jim Creek after 31 years with his family, with over 10 of those years in Alaska. A cherished husband and beloved Daddy of 5 with twins on the way will be remembered on July 6, 2006 at Valley Funeral Home & Crematory in Wasilla at 10 am with a reception to follow at his home in Wasilla. He is survived by his parents, his wife Gertrude, his children, Sarah, Rebekah, Drake, Jessilyn, Christina, his brother Cam and sister in law, Katie and sister Pansy, with more family in Virginia.


this is just not how its supposed to be... its not. We were camping, we were out to enjoy the first 4th of July he had been home for in over 6 years. We were supposed to break in the camp stove he bought me, we were supposed to watch our little ones & dogs get covered in mud and sand. We were supposed to sleep in sleeping bags on the ground and sit around a fire and roast marsh mellows. We were supposed to grow old together. He was supposed to be there when we have these babies, he was supposed to hold them first, he was supposed to cut the cords and name them. He was supposed to be there with me, holding them, feeding them, changing them, holding them on his chest and sleeping on the couch with them, rocking them. We had just talked about all of this just Friday night. That he was so looking forward to rocking them and sleeping with them on his chest. I wanted to see that. I wanted to take pictures of it and then go and snuggle in too. I wanted to get so big that I was so uncomfortable sleeping at night and we could sit up and sleep together. I wanted to spend the rest of my life waking up to him cuddled on me or me cuddled on him. To watch him be particular about his socks each morning. To watch him dress and shower and smell his cologne each night as we lay in bed. I wanted to go to sleep each night comforted by the sound of his heartbeat in my ear. To know that he is always right here. I wanted to know that no matter what happened we'd always be together. That I'd always have my best friend and lover and soul mate always with me and eventually we'd live happily ever after. We were supposed to be looking at cribs and buying them. We were supposed to be deciding who got to paint their room this summer. We were supposed to finish decorating the house. I'm not supposed to be here alone, in this house, and knowing that he won't be calling me from work and that he is not at work and won't be home. I'm not supposed to know that I will never again get to kiss him and hold him and make love to him. He can't be gone. I need him. I love him more than anything and I need him to live. I need him here to raise his sons and Drake and the girls. I need him. He just can't be gone. I need him. I love him. I love him so much it hurts more often than not. He's my soul mate, we completed each other and now half of me is gone forever. I can no longer ask him his opinion or tease him for his OCD ways. I can no longer cook him his favorite meals or get him to try new foods. I can no longer argue with him to buy a new dragon or comic book shirt. I can no longer argue with him to buy those blue flamed vans. I'll no longer be able to hold his hand while either one of us is driving. I'll never be able to hold his hand and have it held back again. I'll no longer see his eyes light up when I make my hair really curly. I'll never feel his arms around me again. To know that he died while riding is at least something I'm sure he would have liked, but to know he is leaving his children, both living and unborn behind, I can only hope he was fighting for his life but just lost the battle. That he knows I was with him when they were working on him. That he knows I will keep his raptor, his favorite machine and maybe have it rebuilt. That he knows his toy collection and toy room will stay as he left it and that his sons will be rocked in that room, knowing that they are surrounded by his favorite things. I want him to know that there will never be anyone else for me. That he was the only man I ever loved and will ever love. I want him to know that his children will be the last children to ever pass my body and that he was the last person I will ever be with. That I will forever be his wife, his lover, his best friend and his freak. And that he will always be my pervert, my husband, my lover and my best friend and my soul mate. And that I hope and pray his sons look just like him so I can say to them everyday, you look just like your daddy. He loves you so much and I know that he wishes he were here with us right now. That you were his pride and joy. Chris, I love you so much and I miss you so much. Life is not fair because you were not supposed to leave me, that we had just found each other and were so happy that others were envious of us only for you to leave, to be taken away. I hope that you know I will try to do everything the way I think you would have wanted it to be done. That there will not be a moment in my life from now on that I will not think of you and miss you and love you.


His children were his number one thing in his life. He never put anyone except his wife, above his children, but he always said we each had a seperate part of his heart and they could never cancel each other out.


Our local newspaper asked if they could write a story. We consented, his mom did the interview. This is the story published and the original photo we submitted to the paper. ATV accident kills Wasilla family man July 7, 2006 By MARY AMES Frontiersman MAT-SU -What was supposed to be a fun weekend camping trip turned to tragedy for a Wasilla family July 1. Robert Christopher Ezell, 31, with his wife, Gertrude, and children, Sarah, Bekah, Drake, Jessie and Christina (“Buggy”), were camping in the Jim Creek area of the Knik River Flats. Ezell, alone on his Yamaha 660 ATV, was wearing a helmet and not drinking, according to a report from the Alaska State Troopers. But Ezell lost control of the ATV and flipped end-over-end shortly before 2:30 p.m. He was thrown about 100 feet from the machine, troopers said. Ezell's mother, Mary Lawson, from Virginia, spoke about her son and his family. “It was a freak accident,” Lawson said. “He loved ATVs, he had helmets, and he took all the precautions.” His family was about two minutes away from him when he crashed, Lawson said. Emergency responders worked on her son for about an hour but couldn't bring him back, she said. Ezell was born and raised in Virginia. In addition to his mother and her husband, Wayne, Ezell had another set of parents, Rob and Anne Ezell, in North Carolina, as well as an older sister, Pansy, and younger brother, Cam. Ezell came to Wasilla about 10 years ago, Lawson said. “He came up here on his own with nothing,” she said. “And he made a home and a family. We are so proud of our son, all of the parents.” Ezell worked on the North Slope in water treatment, and collected comic books, Lawson said. Ezell's family, including his mother-in-law, Deborah Hudson of Pennsylvania, gathered in Wasilla this week. For Lawson, it was a second visit. In April, she came to visit the family she hadn't seen in four years, not realizing at the time how important that visit would be. “He loved it here,” Lawson said. “Now I know how fabulous it is.” And although her son is gone, Lawson said he left behind a gift that has given the family great strength. “Gertie is pregnant with twin boys,” Lawson said. “Chris and Gertie were definitely soul mates. Contact Mary Ames at 352-2284 or mary.ames@ frontiersman.com. http://frontiersman.com/articles/2006/07/07/news/news4.txt


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