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Oskaria Suzanne Oliver
July 1 2006 - July 1 2006

My heart is breaking. The worst has happened. You are gone. Sweet baby girl. We always knew we wanted children and decided to start trying in November 2005 and got pregnant on the first go! After a very easy (no morning sickness or complications) pregnancy the sonographer noticed enlarged echogenic kidneys at my 24 wk ultrasound. After seeing a high risk neonatoligst, he didn't seem too concerned but asked that we return at 29 wks to check again. At 29 wks he told us our baby had ARPKD and we should consider inducing right away as there was no chance of survival (large kidneys, low, low amniotic fluid, small lungs, no fluid in the extremely small bladder or stomach). He called the next day and recommended we wait a few more weeks to induce; we were to monitor the ultrasounds and split the difference between letting our baby develop as much as possible and getting our baby out before anymore harm was done. How hard those ultrasounds were. Pete and I wept quietly as the sonographer measured and scanned. Was this really happening? At our 33 wk ultrasound they found the kidneys were taking up almost the whole abdomen and compressing everything else with no amniotic fluid. So we were scheduled to induce at 33wk 4 days after 2 rounds of steroid shots to help the lungs develop. Only July 1st after only 8 minutes of pushing, our sweet baby girl, Oskaria, arrived at 4:08 pm with a weak cry and a full head of hair at just under 5 lbs. I was stunned, and elated by how amazing our little girl was...and at the same time my heart bled because I knew we had to say goodbye. A goodbye too soon... before getting to know her...would she be kind and gentle like her daddy? have a mischievous streak like her mother? Just four hours later she took her last breaths and died in my arms. Surrounded by those that loved her. As the days pass by and the shock wears off, the profound loss sets in deeply. I feel so alone without her. Please sign Oskaria's guest book and let us know you came to visit.


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