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Memorial created 09-28-2006 by
Jamie Martin
Rhea Michelle Mims
February 21 1969 - July 3 2006

My mom died this summer on July 3, 2006. She took her life after many years of struggle with depression. We love her very much. We feel her with us even now, and miss her still.


We scattered her ashes in the mountains. It felt right there. As a teenager, she volunteered with the forest service near the ski lifts in Brighton Canyon on Big Cottonwood Mountain in Salt Lake City, Utah. She used to take us up there to be in her mountains. She sought solace in their snow-capped peaks, and I know she found it. She loved to camp and hike in the mountains as well.


She left behind the four of us and three grandbabies. She also left behind her husband, Alton (pictures of them follow on the next page). We feel her often, and know she is near, but our hearts ache for all the moments we cannot share with her.


My daughter was nine months old when she died. I cannot express the deep sadness I feel when I realize that Sam won't know her grandmother the way I knew mine. Here they are dancing at Jeremy's wedding.


This is a picture of Sam and I taken once when Mom came to visit. She liked this picture


Mom at Jer's wedding in February. She really loved his new wife, and was so excited for them. When we went through her things, I discovered she had placed her corsage and the shoes she wore that night in a box when she returned home. She never put them away.


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