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Patricia Myers-Goldman, Burton\'s Mom

Memorial created 10-20-2006 by
Patricia Goldman
Burton Thomas Pickle
September 23 1974 - July 17 2005

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Burton Thomas Pickle. Burton was born September 23, 1974 and was called home to G_d July 17, 2005. 

The day he was born was a very exciting day - we were hoping we would have a little boy since we had three sweet little girls at home impatiently waiting for the arrival of their new little baby. The girls, Tammy 5, Robyn 2 1/2 and Patricia 15 mths. were very excited and all wanted a little brother. 

When we took him home and they were all crowding around the car jumping up and down.  We knew then that Burton was going to be a very spoiled little boy.  From that day on the girls never felt he could do anything wrong.

Many people thought he and Patricia were twins, they were so close in age...they looked very much alike.  Both fair skinned, tall and blonde hair.  They were very close and spent many hours playing together.  One day it would be running around playing what they called, "Beau and Luke Duke", and the next day playing with Patricia's Barbie Dolls. (Although, I caught Burt pulling the heads off the dolls and holding them under the water in the Barbie pool!) 

Robyn and Tammy were his "big" sisters and were there to protect and guide him through all the things a boy will let his sisters do.

We all miss his sense of humor, his beautiful dimples and sparkling blue eyes, forever.  He was everything to all of us.

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Burt was our shining star. He was a warm, loving and gentle man. He was the very proud father of two little boys, Joseph and Burton.  He loved being in the mountains and loved fishing - especially at Hennessey Creek in the little town of Burnt Ranch, CA where he grew up. Wherever you might see Burt he always had a warm smile and a friendly hello. He was a logger - he was content as long as he could climb - although, whenever I saw him in the top of a tree I would shake with fear that he would fall...



~ Burton Thomas Pickle ~

You were born an angel with light blonde hair,

Chubby cheeks and skin so fair.

I counted your fingers, I counted your toes,

I gently touched your perfect nose.

I knew then, I didn’t have a chance,

My heart was yours from that first sweet glance.

The too short years flew by, one after another,

Filling my heart with memories of being your mother.

I watched you laugh and I watched you cry,

There was no challenge you wouldn’t try.

Many times I wanted to hold you tight,

But I knew you had to grow, so that wouldn’t be right.

Before I knew it you had become a man,

With sons of your own and a lifelong plan.

You held their tiny hands and watched them grow,

You loved them tenderly as the soft winds blow.

Then came the day that all mothers fear,

The call relaying the words we just can’t hear.

The words that break a mother’s heart were said,

“There was an accident...your son is dead.”

The life that began so beautiful and sweet,

The smile, the kindness and dimples so deep.

Gone forever from this place,

Leaving a void, an empty space.

I wish I could have been there to hold you that day,

When G_d called you home and took you away.

Your spirit will rise and soar through the sky,

You will live on in my heart, you will never die.

With all my love, Mom



This picture was taken along side the Trinity River in California. Burton was trimming a tree for a friend. I remember that day well. He was in the top of the tree, turned and yelled, "Hi Mom", and waved. How I would love to hear those words again.


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