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Memorial created 12-7-2006 by
Matt's Sister
Matthew Scott Quiggle
May 2 1969 - November 11 1994





This tribute was created as a memorial to Matthew S. Quiggle, my brother and dearest friend. People were drawn to Matt. Everyone, who knew him, loved him. Matt was very attractive. Many of my friends couldn't help but have crushes on him. He could be very charming, when he wanted to be; however, he was never pretentious. Matt was very intelligent, extremely humorous, and always thoughtful. His interests included many different forms of music, repelling, and caving. Some of his favorite bands were R.E.M., The Church, Nirvana, Metallica, and Megadeath. Even as a small boy, Matt had a dangerous streak. He always seemed to be in the midst of some adventure or predicament---however one chooses to see it. LOL!!!! He was such an imaginative child. As an adult, he was a member of the 82nd Airborne in the US Army. When he told me that he would be going to jump school, I was anxious; but, I wasn't surprised. It was so like him. Matt was happiest, when he was with his closest friends, Mike, Harold, Tina, Tracy, Andrea, and Chris. His death changed the lives of so many people, including his friends. Like me, they will never be the same. I will always love my brother. I miss him so much. I miss his laughter, his sense of humor, the sound of his voice, and his very essence. I would give just about anything to have him back with me. When Matt died, part of me died, too. Living without him is a daily lesson in courage. Each day, I learn how to manage the pain of living without him, but I will never fully recover from losing him.


Matt joined the National Guard in 1987. This picture of Matt was taken by our dad the morning he left for Active Duty in 1990. Matt was last stationed at Ft. Bragg, N.C. He was honorably discharged on October 10, 1994. My brother had been property of the U.S Army for so many years. It was such a relief to have him home for good. Or so, we thought... Matt died a month after he was discharged from the US Army. Even though, the pain of Matt's death is at times more than I can manage, I am still proud that he was my brother for 25 years. I would never trade a moment I had with him. My memories of him are precious. Matt might be gone, but my love for him will never die. I will never stop missing him. NEVER!!! My brother, Matt, was the most remarkable person that I've ever known. He truly had no prejudices. He was so accepting of people unlike himself. Matt, also, had the ability to forgive people, who had treated him unkindly or unfairly. He had an incredible sense of empathy for all persons and living things. I will always remember Matt as the unjaded boy on the verge of becoming man, as this picture so clearly depicts. He was not just my brother, but my very best friend. I can never express through mere words how much I love and miss him.


Matt at 16 years

This is one of my favorite images of Matt. Our dad, an amateur photographer, took this picture. He really captured the "real" Matt in this one. Matt was about 16-years-old, when this picture was taken. Deep in thought---that was Matt. We take so much for granted. If I had known that someday I'd never see him again...


Matt--Happier than he had ever been.

Matt pictured with Andrea in Germany, 1994. Sometimes, I wonder what might have been if they had ended up together. He really cared about her. When he wasn't talking about her, he was usually talking TO her on the phone. Our phone bill was huge. LOL!!!


Matthew Paul Summer 2004

On November 13, 2002, Matt's eldest niece, Ashley, gave birth to her son, Matthew Paul, who was named for him. The picture on the left is of Matthew Paul taken in Battery Park during the summer of 2004.  Because Matthew Paul was in a breech position, Ashley had a planned c-sectioned. Ashley had a choice of the dates on which Matthew Paul would be born.  One of those was Nov. 11th.  This was the date that I wanted Matthew Paul to be born.  I wanted the anniversary of this date to become a happy day---a birthday rather than the annniversary of a death day.  Ashley felt otherwise; and so, Matthew Paul was born on Nov 13th---all 8 lb 14oz of him!!!!     


Matthew Nicolai Spring 2007

Matt was so well loved that he has another nephew, Matthew Nicolai, who was named for him as well. Matthew Nicolai was born July 25, 1995. I got to cut his umbilical cord.  Matthew Nicolai was born during those dark days after Matt's death.  Matthew Nicolai was truly a gift and a reason to keep going.  He was the first little boy in our family to be named for Matt.  He will certainly not be the last.  I am positive that the name Matthew will be a name handed down for generations in our family. 


1993 Jungle Warfare training, Panama

Beloved and much missed brother!!!  Thank you, Joel, for sending this pic to be included in Matt's memorial.


Matt is buried in Rest Haven Memorial Park, Woolrich, PA

Always in my heart and on my mind...

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