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Memorial created 01-9-2007 by
Misty Day
Cpl. Rusty Lee Washam
February 11 1985 - February 14 2006

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Cpl. Rusty Lee Washam, who was born in North Carolina on February 11, 1985 and KIA in Iraq on February 14, 2006. Rusty will forever be in our Hearts! WE LOVE YOU!!  Please sign Cpl. Washam's guest book and let us know you came to visit.


 Rusty is survived by his parents Sonny & Beverly Washam; two brothers, Donny Washam and wife Leslie of Dover, Delaware and Dustin Washam and wife Sarah of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.; three sisters, Michelle and Lilly Washam of Fairview, Misty Day and husband Festus of Norma; one mamaw, Gladys Stephens; six nieces, Kasie Burris, Chelsey Byrd, Alyssa Terry, Amanda Washam, Grace, & Rustie Abbigalye Washam; six nephews, Cody & Cory Day, Tristan & Wyatt Terry, Joshua Washam, Kavan Wilson and; and many other aunts, uncles, family and friends.


Rusty was also a very proud father of two little boys Ryan & Andrew who will never know how much they were loved by their daddy.  Rusty grew up in the military, his father spent 24 years in the Army and both of his brothers are also in the military.  Rusty, joined the Marines straight out of Scott High School in Huntsville, Tennessee in 2003.  He was a very proud Marine.  Rusty turned 21 February 11, 2006 three days before he was killed, he called his mom on his birthday "He said everything was quiet, and he was looking forward to coming home.  It was a real clear line that day, most of the time when we talked to him the line was real fuzzy.  But that day, his voice was real clear."  The last words he spoke before he hung up was, “I love you, mom.”



 A suicide bomber took the life of my brother Cpl. Rusty Washam and a fellow marine Lcpl. Matt Barnes inspite of both of them wearing protective gear.  They were assigned to 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division at Camp Lejeune, N.C.

Rusty always had a smile on his face he lived his life to the fullest.  He truly loved his family and his country.  He loved his job he believed in what he was doing that they were making a difference. He is a hero to all of his family and we are proud of him.


They never thought when they left here 
their families they'd see no more
No one dares to think about
The high price of such a war.
If you asked them why they did it
They'd say because it was right
Someone has to stand up
And someone has to fight
A world away they defend our cause,
as we tuck our kids in bed.
Some give all for all of us,
And somewhere tears will be shed.
They do not ask for fame or fortune
just that we recognize
We are here, free, today,
Because the fallen have paid the price.

Rusty letting an Iraqi child wear his helmet. He loved kids, he has five nieces and six nephews who always looked up to him. Rusty is their HERO!


Matt & Rusty and a couple of other men from his unit in Iraq 2005.






They say there is a reason,
They say that time will heal,

But neither time nor reason,

Will change the way I feel.

For no-one knows the heartache,

That lies behind our smiles,

No-one knows how many times

We have broken down and cried.

We want to tell you something

So there won't be any doubt,

You're so wonderful to think of

But so hard to live without.


Rusty talking with a group of Iraqi children. Some of the guys from his unit said that he liked to tell them stories.












Sunny days seem to hurt the most

Wear the pain like a heavy coat

I feel you everywhere I go

I see your smile, I see your face I

hear you laughing in the rain

Still can't believe you're gone

It ain't fair you died too young

Like a story that had just begun

The death tore the pages all away

God knows how I miss you

All the pain that I've been through

Just knowing no one could take your place

Sometimes I wonder who you'd be today

I wear the pain like a heavy coat

The only thing that gives me hope

Is I know I'll see you again someday!







Rusty's niece was born 4 months after he was killed in Iraq. Rusty was always on to my sister Lilly about naming her kids after him. Lilly told him it was going to be another girl he said to name her Rustina joking around. Lilly decided that she would name her Rustie Abbigayle we called her Abby. Rusty would have been so happy I know he was smiling down on us the day Abby was born. Sadly Abby went to be with Rusty in Heaven on October 12, 2006. We know Rusty is holding and taking care of Abby until we all meet them in Heaven one sweet day.


You can visit my niece Abby's website at abby-sweetbaby.virtual-memorials.com


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