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Memorial created 01-14-2007 by
Emilie Shely
Logan Phyllip Jarman
July 1 2006 - September 23 2006

This memorial page is for our precious baby boy Logan. Please sign our guestbook, for a bereaved parent, the biggest fear is that their baby will be forgotten, and that people wont know how important,signigicant, and meaningful his life was. Our Sweet baby Logan Bob was born on July 1st of 2006. SIDS took him when he was just 2 months and 23 days old. Logan was a truly special baby. He loved to flirt with anyone who could spare him a smile. He had this hilarious crooked grin that just would melt our hearts. He loved to watch his big brothers wrestle around. He loved to watch football with his daddy and daddy would bounce him on his knee until he fell asleep, which usually didn't take long!! He loved his mommy because mommy did nothing but flirt with him from sunup to sundown and sometimes in between. He had lots of fluffy dark brown hair that stuck up everywhere, and dark blue eyes. What a sweet, content, joy our bab Logan Bob was. We miss him desperately and will love him forever and ever and ever and than some.


There was nothing Logan loved better to do than to sleep. He was a very bad baby when he was being burped :). I kept telling him to sit up straight, but he wouldn't listen, and this is his smooshed little face in grandmas hand. I should have given him beatings :), but I settled for lots of kissings!!


Absolutely the birth of an angel. Logan was to sweet for this cruel world. Beautiful boy. From the moment of his birth, I just could not believe how much I was in love him. I thought by the third one the thrill might wear off a little bit, but I just cherished him the second he was laid on my chest.


Logan is loved by his two older brothers, Gavin and Boobah. Gavin was such a good little helper to mommy. He loved to feed his baby brother and play with him. He would tell me "I be gentle with Logan Bob mommy" and than do a choo choo thing with Logans fat little hams. Boobah just talked to Logan and was so proud of him. Whenever anyone came over he would take them by their hand and lead them to his "bee-bee" and make them acknowledge his "bee-bee". Logan loved his big brothers, you could tell by the way he would watch them so intently and when one of them would pay attention to him, he would grin with this big silly crooked endearing grin that we just fell in love with.


Logan was always ready and willing to flirt with anyone who took even a moments notice of his fat self. It was impossible not to, he was so cute, and had so much character. I can't put into words who much Logan was cherished. Our sweet baby boy, grandson, nephew, cousin and baby brother. Our family will have a hole forever.


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