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Memorial created 03-25-1998 by
Lisa Sisco
Craig Sisco
August 24 1969 - March 2 1987

Loved and greatly missed

Craig was a great person and had alot of good friends. He really loved his girlfriend Lauren. He became an uncle at the age of 14, he thought it was so cool. He loved his little nephew so much. But that little nephew ( Danny) isn't so little anymore. In fact when we look at him it`s like looking at Craig.

It still feels like it just happened yesterday, when in fact it happened 11 years ago. I/We miss him sooo much. I thank God for Danny because in him a part of Craig lives on. He was so handsome. All the girls wanted him. I was so proud and greatful to have him as my brother, even though it was for only 17 years. Someday we will be together again. Until then know that we LOVE and MISS you so bad that it hurts. Keep smiling

Love Forever and Always, Your Sister Chris


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