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Memorial created 01-31-2007 by
Faith Brasseaux
Ian Allen James Brasseaux
January 28 1988 - March 2 2006

Ian Allen James Brasseaux was a fountian of life. He lived his life to the fullest everyday. He loved his mom and dad. We were close. Every morning and every evening I got a hug and kiss from him, and often times inbetween as well. A very loveable, passionate individual. A rare teen in this day in age. He loved his family, music, his car, his friends. He enjoyed many sports, and was good at whatever he tried and had a passion for. When he messed up, he'd be out there bright and early the next day practicing till he got it right so he wouldn't make the same mistake. He helped others along the way as well. That big smile, the happy attitude, that was Ian. If the atmosphere was gloomy, when Ian came around it quickly changed, he made you laugh, brought a smile with him everywhere he went.


In the beginning...


always had that beautiful smile


Mom, Dad, Christian, Ian, Samuel


always into something, fishing, baseball, football, he tried everything.


Along came lil sister Shyra.


So much fun that there must be room for more. Big brother had a baby girl, Cloe. Ian watched all 3 girls like they were his own.


What is more fun than a birthday party with water balloon fights??? We never could figure that out.


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