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Sheri Volkes
Sophia R. DiMeglio
March 5 1937 - September 26 2006

Merry Christmas In Heaven Mom

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Dearest Mom,

Soon Christmas lights will be flashing, and just the thought of it tugs at my heart, and brings tears on my face. I know you wont be here this year, but I know you will be in spirit for sure.

It hurts so much every time I think of you. I miss you, miss hearing your voice, and your laugh. I have never had a Christmas without you, so this is all new to me and I need to find a way to get through it.

Christmas will never be the same, but I know how much you loved this Holiday, how you would decorate the entire house and invite everyone over for a feast. How do we continue to do this without you?

I know you would want me to continue to keep the tradtion of the Holiday with our family, and I will try, but I wish it wasn't this way.... I wish you were here.

I will miss you every moment of every day for the rest of my life. You left quite the legacy with your ways and your love, and I know you will watch over me from up above.

Mom... I Love & Miss you soooo... much. I will hang special ornaments "In Memory of You", and with a heavy heart make you proud... I'll do this Mom, just for you.

So, as you favorite time of year draws near, I know you will be watching from above...Wishing us hope, happiness and love.

Merry Christmas In Heaven

Love, Your Daughter Sheri



This lovely poem was written by my good friend Rose.

Thank You Rose. This poem is so beautiful.

Dear Mom,

Today is Christmas, and there are so many things I would like to say.

I love & miss you so very much,since you went away.

I hear people say "What would I say,if you were to come back to me"?

Oh, I would have no trouble thinking of the so many words,I wish I could say to you.

I would tell you I love you & I've missed you so much,since Jesus called you home.

And through my tears I would tell you how I've longed to hear your sweet voice, and to feel your safe embrace.

Just to hear you sing & see your smile... why, I would walk a many a mile.

But I know that's impossible, so until the time my sweet Jesus brings me home to you, I'll look beyond tomorrow, and know what awaits me.

What joy it will be when we can walk together in everlasting beauty,in God's Heavenly home.

By Rose Brodhacker


Visiting Mom Christmas Eve




Merry Christmas Mom,

I can only imagine how beautiful Christmastime is in Heaven. I am hoping and praying that you are having a Merry Christmas with Nana & Papa & Uncle Tony, Bob & Bev, Nana & Papa Volkes, and all of our VM Angels.

We spent Christmas Eve at Debra's house, and she did a beautiful job of decorating and was the perfect hostess. You would be proud. We are not used to being the hostess, or preparing for this time of year. This is what you always did, and it was always so perfect & festive. Jimmyboy gave us T-Shirts with a pcture of you & him printed on it, and when we saw it, we were all in awe. It was such a perfect gift, but we all became so sad. It was the best gift I could ever receive.

You were with us all evening Mom, just are you are every minute of every day. We also invited Frankie. We thought you would be pleased, since you always said "No one should be alone for Christmas". But, then again... maybe that upset you, because.... a few things happened that were out of the ordinary. Was that you, sending a sign? lol.


We all miss you so much Mom, and Love You more than we could ever express. I hope you liked the Christmas trees decorated with lights we left for you, and the beautiful Wreath Jimmy picked out. Dad came to visit you Sunday, and said he spent a while with you.... Did you straighten him out? lol I hope so!

Merry Christmas Mom. I Love You With All My Heart.

Love, Your Daughter Sheri


Hi Mom,

Merry Christmas In Heaven. I Miss You very much.People say that with time, it gets easier, but that is not true, because it doesn't. I Love You very much, and you are always in my thoughts. Love, Keith

A poem for you... Roses are red, Violets are blue, Christmas is here & I LOVE YOU. I wish you were here with us, but I know that you are not far... You are always with us. Love, Keith


Hi Mom,

Merry Christmas in Heaven

Sheri, Jimmyboy, Keith & I came to see you. I hope you liked the Christmas tree's with the Santa boot. We spent Christmas Eve by me. I know that you were there with us. Christmas in Heaven must be so beautiful, and how lucky they are to have SUCH A BEAUTIFUL ANGEL to make it even Brighter

MOM... Christmas will never be the same without your presence. Sheri and I wore our Christmas PJ's, the red and white one's that all three of us wore, and I put a photo out of all three of us wearing them in your house dancing on Christmas Eve.

I hope your Christmas in Heaven was a merry one. Heaven sure is LUCKY they have you there, and they got to eat your great cooking. Jimmyboy gave us shirts with your picture & his on it, WOW! that was the best gift that anyone could have given to me/us.


Word's could never express how I am feeling inside





Love, Your Daughter Debra



Merry Christmas Beautiful Angel Sophia & Beautiful Sheri

I wanted to come and bring you both lots of love and Christmas Hugs

I wanted to let you know were thinking of you. You are family, and we love you sooo very Much!!

Sending you lots of love and Christmas Hugs

Love always and Forever, Your Friend Darla



My Dearest Sheri and most Beautiful Angel Sophia,

Sheri, Merry Christmas my sweet friend to you and all your family.

I know that the Holidays are the most difficult to get through without our Angels. Your Mama Sophia was cooking up a storm for my Gino. I can hear him saying, "Oh my gosh Sophia, this is so good, you are the best cook ever". That was my Gino. Always complimenting me for my cooking. Now he is doing the same with your Mama Sophia!

I feel better knowing that he is in such good company like your Angel Mama.

Sheri, thank you for the Beautiful e-card. You truly lifted up my moral. I wish you a New Year filled with lots of Love, Peace and Health. I Love You so.

Angel Sophia, take care of your Beautiful family from Heaven. Always guide them in the right path wherever they may go in life. My Heart and prayers are always with you.

Love always....Tina, Mamma to Angel Gino



Hello Beautiful Sophia Rose,

I just had to come by to say Merry Christmas to you in Heaven.

I bet the feast is being prepared as I speak. I can just vision.. let me see here... You trying to show how to make your famous dishes with a pinch of this and a pinch of that, and just a hint of this, and a wallup of that. Yes, it has to be the right amount. I bet you are taking taste tests to see if it is just right. And I bet you use nothing but olive oil.

You know Sophia, this year I'm not even making Christmas dishes. It is smoked brisket, potato salad,baked beans, and sub sands. I am just to sick to cook this year. So my kids won't get the feast I use to make, but they understand. It is all store bought this year, but we will be together and thats the main attraction of the day.

You know your Sheri misses you so very much. Bless her heart, she worked hard on pasta dishes on Thanksgiving. She is wearing that mask for Christmas, like I also wear. She knows what I'm talking about and so do you Ms. DiMeglio. But she is trying to go through the motions of Christmas, its all in your honor, for you loved Christmas so much, with all the festivities, the decorations, the presents, the food, and good wine flowing, and best of all, you loved being with your family.

Well there is a void there now, that your sweet Sheri has. Do me a flavor, and go visit her. I know you do already, but give her a good long visit, and you and Momma stop giving the bingo caller a hard time. Sheri and I are down here doing your famous toot toot

.I bet you and Momma are shaking your heads and laughing at us as we try to do some of your & Moms traits.

You know Sophia, I'm going to have to take another daily walk, so I can visit you all again, but I just had to tell a special lady Merry Christmas.

Fly high Angel,and light so softly.









Hi Sheri and Angel Sophia,

I wanted to stop by to wish you a Merry Christmas and to let you know that you are in my thoughts.

Your Mom is always with you. As long as you have your memories she will always be with you.

May God give you peace and comfort this holiday season.

Love, Vet



Good evening to my Sweet Angels Sheri and Heavenly Angel Sophia

I love you so much. I just love the beautiful staircase you created, its beautiful. When I saw it, I just cried. So amazing!

I love you both so much. Stop by my soon. I added a new Angel page. I love you

Merry Christmas my sweet one's.




Dearest Sheri, and your Oh So Beautiful Mom ~

Merry Christmas

This Memorial is one of the most beautiful ones I've seen. I cry each time I read what you've written.

The Love you have for your Mom is so very evident. Each and every page is filled with so much Love.

It is so hard today not having my Daughter Gina here with us for Christmas. I know you are feeling the same way, and wishing so much that your Beautiful Mom was still here. I am so sorry Sheri.

Thanks so much for visiting my Gina, My Angel. It means so much to me.

Have a Merry Christmas.

With Love Always & Forever

Trudy, Momma of Angel Gina(Dumas)





Special Gifts From My Friend Rose

Thank You Rose. I Love Each & Every One Of Them




In Heaven Mom... My Beautiful Angel




Happy New Year In Heaven Mom

Mom & Son-In-Law Keith


Happy New Year

To think of 2008 without you, makes me so sad.

I will be thinking of you the moment the New Year rings in.

Keep a watch for your New Year Balloons

I Love You Mom & I Miss You So Much

Happy New Year In Heaven

Love, Sheri



Happy New Year in Heaven Mom

Sheri, Me, Jimmyboy, Steven, and Keith were all outside your house at 11:50 PM and when the clock struck 12:00, Sheri let Champagne balloons go. We watched them rise up into the sky, and then all of a sudden they were gone.

Sheri said... WOW! Mommy grabbed them. I hope you do have them.

We all pray your New Year's in Heaven was beautiful. I know how much you loved the Holiday's. Mom, when Sheri let go of the balloons we counted 1,2,3 and we all said "HAPPY NEW YEAR MOM" and boy, we where loud. I hope you heard us because eveybody else must have.

I Love & Miss you sooooo much. In my Heart you will always be so BEAUTIFUL,& oh SO NEEDED..

I Love & Miss You. Big, Big Hugs & Kisses

Until we are together again...

Your Daughter Debra


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