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Memorial created 03-2-2007 by
Sheri Volkes
Sophia R. DiMeglio
March 5 1937 - September 26 2006

Happy Birthday - Myspace Glitters


For You Mom

I learned about love from you, watching your caring ways. I learned about joy from you in fun-filled yesterdays. From you I learned forgiving of faults both big and small. I learned what I know about living from you, as you gave life your all. The example you set is still with me, I'd never want any other. I'm thankful for all that you taught me, and I'm blessed to call you "Mother."

Happy Birthday Mom


Love, Sheri



Happy Birthday In Heaven Mom

I love you so very much & I miss you more & more each day.

I am so sad that you are not here, and it doesn't get easier with time. Sometimes, I still can't believe that you are gone, and the only thing that gives me a bit of comfort is knowing that I will see you again one day.

I hope you will have a wonderful birthday in Heaven with Nana, Papa, Uncle Tony, Bob & Bev, Nana & Papa Volkes & all our VM Angels.

Happy Birthay Mom

Love, Your Daughter Sheri





Happy Birthday Mom, You are always in my thought & will be forever in my heart

I love you with with all my heart, and I miss you very much.

Have A Wonderful Birthday!

Sending Hugs & Kisses XXX OOO Love, Your Son Steven



MEOW, MEOW, MEOW... Happy Birthday, Love & Licks, Cashmere




We are missing you very much on this special day, And not just today, but every minute, since you went away. You were the center of our lives before your soul passed on, It’s just so hard for us to believe that you are really gone. But we celebrate the life you lived and all the things you gave us, Our wonderful memories, Mom, of you are the things that will comfort and save us. Please think of us, as we think of you with hearts so full of love, We’re looking up at you, sweet Mom, as you look at us, from up above.

Love Your Children, who's lives were forever changed the day you were taken from us.


Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Angel Sophia and please watch over Sheri and help her get through tomorrow. Love, Yvette



Happy Birthday Mom

I miss you very much & I love you. I hope that you are having a Happy Birthday, and hopefully enjoying a huge chocolate cake, since that was your favorite, and nobody can tell you that you can't have it! You are probably looking down at us and saying Ha, Ha, look what I'm eating! Til we meet again... I Love You Very Much.

Love, Your Son-In-Law Keith


Happy Birthday Sweet Angel! Sandy, New Orleans



Visiting with Mom on her Birthday 3/5/08. We celebrated Mom's Birthday with her at St. Johns Cemetery with a delicious cake that Keith bought for her. We had balloons and gifts, just as if she was still here with us. After all, we feel she is still with us in spirit.

It was a very sad day for all of us, but we were so glad to be able to share Mom's Birthday with her.






My Dearest Sheri and sweet Angel Sophia, I am so sorry for coming by to late to wish your Beautiful Angel Mama a belated Birthday in Heaven. I am sure it was just great. with all of our other Angels as special guest at you Birthday, it must have been amazing. One day we will celebrate it all together my dear Angel Sophia. God Bless you! Love Always, Tina.....Mamma to Angel Gino






Beautiful Sophia Rose,

I'm sorry I missed your birthday, for I have been gone for 3 weeks on vacation and just got home a couple of hours ago, so of course I had to rush here to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY To A Beautiful Rose. I came to visit and see the birthday page that Sheri made for you, lovely but sad. So even though I'm late momma , I still had to come.

Love, Rose



Happy Birthday Angel Sophia

Please watch over Sheri and, help her get through tomorrow. Love, Yvette




Dear Mom, Happy Birthday In Heaven

Mom ....for two day's I'm sitting here with so many thoughts in my head. My words can not express the way I'm feeling. My Heart is aching. It is so hard not having you here. You are with me every moment when I'm awake and, when I sleep. I MISS YOU SO MUCH. I hope that your Birthday was wonderful. We all came to see and, had cake, present and, balloons. We all MISS YOU SO MUCH Happy Birthday Mom< Your Daughter Debra Hugs & Kisses to you


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