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Patricia Harmon
Melissa Ann Harmon
May 1 1989 - July 29 1995

"Pooh Bear"

Melissa was always different and special from her birth on. She had always loved life. She was very easy to please because she only wanted such simple things. She was always very mature and seemed to have wisdom beyond her years. She was very happy, smart, kind, well mannered, and so very respectful to others. Her first priority was to help, please or make happy those around her, even if it were someone that she did not know. Kindness and understanding was something she always had for you. She taught me so much about life and how precious it is, and that the less you look for or except, the more life will give to you .After all life is not about getting it is about giving. Ever since her death I have tried to live and think as she would of.

Melissa was first diagnosed in August of 1991 at age 27 months with a cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma they were able to keep it in remission for close to two years, after more than a year of chemotherapy. But then on her 5th birthday she began having sever pain in her back and paralysis in her legs and lower functions a MRI reveled tumors wrapped around her spine, and she then underwent an emergency 17 hour surgery to remove what they could of the tumor (followed by 7 weeks of radiation) they said that without chemotherapy she would only survive 6 to 12 weeks. None of us especially her wanted to do chemo knowing that it would not cure her. She understood that with out chemo she would definitely die and with it she might live, but she pleaded to us please no more chemo I don't want to be sick any more ,and if I die it will be ok because Jesus will take care of me. I was 23weeks pregnant with Andrew, the sibling that Melissa very badly wanted us to have and all I could do was pray that she could live to see the baby born which we knew was a boy and she chose his name. She wanted to be present for his birth and I have only been able to have my babies by C-sections and children in the delivery room was a NO NO , but our Doctor arranged it so that she was able to be in there and to be the first to hold the baby.

Her next dream was to go to and finish kindergarten, which she was able to began in the fall of 1994. She had the Greatest Teachers as a matter of fact the whole staff at Minor Elementary was great. For the first part of the year she was happy healthy,running, playing and learning so much she was a very smart child. But then in January of 1995 she began to have pain in her back and legs again and had head aches and was very tired , and was having problems writing and drawing two of the things that she was really great at , and on 2-7-95 anther MRI reveled a massive brain tumor, tumors on the spine,in the liver,kidneys, stomach , lungs and many other places in her body. This time the Doctors gave her 2 to 4 weeks to live and they called hospice to take over. This time I prayed that she would live to see her baby brothers 1st birthday,and she promised she would . Once again we did radiation to stop the pain and she took many herbs. Well she did live to see his 1st birthday and died in my arms less than 48 hours after, early in the morning 7-29-95 at 4:20 am . She never once complained.

Long before her death she choose her casket which was custom made in fire engine red velvet, she also designed her funeral notes, and chose her place of burial.

About three weeks before she died she called me to the back porch and pointed and said " Mommy Do You see them white fluffy clouds up there ? Well when I die if you ever want to see me just look at those clouds and I will be watching you from them" which is why I chose the clouded back ground. Shortly after her death a friend was taking his first airplane ride and took a picture of the clouds and what was there, an "Angel" my Pooh Bear. Everyday many times I look to the sky to see the white fluffy clouds were she is at. I know she is there because she never lied to me.

Everything was always so special to Melissa and everyone who knew her felt special for she gave a piece of her heart to everyone she knew.

At the time of Her death Melissa was survived by two brothers Donnie now 12yrs. Andrew now 3/12 years. She has a sister who is one and a half named Mary Elizabeth. Just hours before death she had said "Mama when you have another baby name it Mary Elizabeth, my grandmother asked what if it were a boy and Melissa said" no Mary Elizabeth I told you .I was not supposed to try and have another baby due to three previous C-Sections, But we found out a few months after her death that I was pregnant and this baby was due on 7-29-96 just on year to the day after Melissa's death. It was a sad but happy time for us. Our Doctor delivered by planned c-section on 7-26-96 a very healthy baby girl Mary Elizabeth Harmon. And what a blessing she is, she gave new life to our family.

Our family has had a long road to recovery, and we have been blessed many times along the way. We are a very close family, and more faith than you could ever imagine. But once again we have climbed aboard that roller costar of CANCER, now our 3 1/2 year old son Andrew (the baby Melissa wanted so badly for us to have) has a brain cancer called grade 4 Giloblastoma Multiforme . There have been no cures for this kind of cancer so I will need to plan his funeral soon.


Andrew died from his cancer on July 20th 1999 one week before his 5th birthday. During the 16 months before his death we were able to create a lot of wonderful and lasting memories. Although our family has endured a lot of lose we keep our faith strong and fill our days with the wonderful memories of our children. Thank you for visiting. Andrew Benjamin Harmon

7-27-94 to 7-20-99


Our Family Today (Dad)Don Harmon,(son)Donnie 20yrs old (daughter)Mary 9yrs old and (mom)Trish pictures in background are of Melissa and Andrew Each Christmas we take a family photo always with the pictures of Melissa and Andrew in the background because this is still and always will be the Harmon Family


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