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You will always have a special place in my heart. Your Great-granddaughter Connie A. Thomas

Memorial created 06-1-2007 by
Connie Thomas
Juanita Kortman
April 1 1904 - March 21 1993

Grandma smiling - Denver, Colorado 1991

Birth: Apr. 1, 1904 Death: Mar. 21, 1993 Burial: Dry Creek Cemetery Grangerland Montgomery County Texas, USA This online memorial was created in loving memory of our Great-Grandmother whose maiden name was Juanita Evans. Juanita Kortman was born April 1, 1904 in Knoxville, Tennessee into a large family of 10 children. During her youth, she lived on a farm before her family moved to Tyler, Texas where she lived for most of her life until she moved to Colorado with my family in 1977. When she was a young woman she was strong willed and independent. She loved to build things with her hands and also knew some carpentry. My dad said that she would always help out around the house, from painting a wall to builing a bathroom. As a child growing up with her, I remember her always doing some sort of craft from making paper angels out of magazines to stringing popcorn for the christmas tree. My memories of her are different than anyone elses but they are precious to me and as I remember more of them, I will add them here. Juanita lived a long and full life and died of natural causes. The doctors said that she died of complications related to 'congestive heart failure' but we believe that she may have had a blood clot that went to her heart. To us she is 'Grandma' and she was the Matriarch of our family. Juanita Kortman was married about 3 times and after the death of her last husband, she lived with my family from my birth in 1969 until her death in 1993. We cared for her until she died at the age of 89 in Aurora, Colorado. Juanita had two children, Annie Louise Tanner and Nora Lee Knight. Please sign Juanita's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Juanita forever.


Grandma holding baby Connie (Twin B)

Grandma shown here holding me, Connie Angeline Thomas, as a baby. This picture was taken in January of 1969 in Texas. This is one of the rare pictures with her smiling.


Here are Grandma's two daughters: Annie Louise Tanner and the younger girl is Nora Lee Knight. Nora Lee died at a very early age between 3-5 years old. She had choked to death while eating peanuts.


Grandma smiling

One of my favorite photographs since it shows Grandma smiling. This picture was taken in Denver, Colorado in 1990 when we lived on High street in our little apartment on the 2nd floor.


Grandma and Connie 1991

Christmas time in 1991. I am showing Grandma one of my presents. I don't think she is very interested!


Grandma in Tyler Texas around 1940

Juanita Kortman. This was taken probably around 1940 in Tyler, Texas. But, don't let that mean face fool you. Grandma had a heart of gold and I love her SO MUCH.


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