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Memorial created 08-1-2007 by
Patty Jacobs
Allen Boring Jr
February 17 1965 - May 26 1997

Indiana Boy, Michigan Fan

On 5/26/97, the pain it took to stay was greater than the pain that it took to leave. A son, father, and friend was taken away by depression/suicide. At the time of Allen's death his children went from having 2 parents to 1. Their life was forever changed. Amber was almost 14, Michael 12 and Courtney 2 1/2. If only Allen was here today to see his children, how proud he would be. GOD, family and friends have helped me to live through this never ending nightmare. My sweet baby boy, is gone from my sight, but never from my heart.


On 2/17/65, a special baby boy was born, we named him Allen Dale Boring, Jr He had olive skin, a head full of black hair and beautiful blue/gray eyes. He weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 21 inches long. Allen could twist you around his little finger with just a smile. Being the only grandson for the Gray family and only grandchild for the Boring family for 5 years, he was just a little spoiled. LOL My mom, watched Allen from the time he was 6 weeks old until he started school, so I could work. I have 2 sisters, Sue and Shirley that still lived at home and spent a lot of time with Allen. They loved to see him "pucker", it was so cute. They love and miss him so much.

My sister Betty, lived next door to us and was one of the ones that spoiled Allen the most. If he wanted something and mommy said no, Aunt Betty would say yes. The day Allen died, part of Betty died too.

My brother Bob, was in the Navy and Allen would love to visit "Uncle Bob". When Allen died, my brother sent me a letter that I still have today. He talked about Allen and how he felt about him.

My mom and dad died within a week of each other in 2004, but their hearts died on 5/26/97. Dad told me that he not only lost a grandson, he lost his buddy and best friend. I know that Allen, Mom and Dad are together once again. I told both Mom and Dad before they took their last breath, to give Allen a kiss from his mom. On Oct 11, 2008 Allen's aunt Sue joined Allen, Mom and Dad after a battle with cancer. On Nov 26, 2013 Allen's cousin Bobbie joined him in heaven after a massive hemorrhage took her from her family on earth.



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