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Shelly & Chris Bough
Danielle Marie Bough
April 2 1989 - November 26 2006

On April 2, 1989 my life changed dramatically. I was given the awesome privilege of giving birth to my beautiful little girl "Danielle Marie" I was a single mom and scared to death that I now had the responsibility of caring for this little person. How would I be able to give this beautiful being everything she needed? But when I looked at my baby my answer was easy, all I had to do was love her, care for her, be there for her, train her to be the best she could be. Most of the time she made my job easy. From the day she was born she brought such joy into my life. I never knew I possessed the capability to love another as I did my daughter. Right from the beginning she had something special. She had the ability to make everyone she met smile. She was a good baby, a happy baby. Content to just be held and loved. I would love sitting and rocking her. Singing to her as she looked at me with those beautiful Hazel eyes. It was her and I against the world. And I was determined to make her world the best I could. In June 1990 I met a man who fell in love with my daughter, then fell in love with me. I was so blown away by this because usually it happens the other way around. But when Danielle was around you, you couldn't help but fall in love with her. She was always smiling, always in a good mood. She had places to go and people to see. She never knew a stranger. Chris and I married November 10, 1990, and the three of us started our new family. One day Chris came to me and asked me what I would think about him adopting Danielle, he wanted her to be completely his, she belonged to him in his heart, he wanted her to be his in name also. It made me love him even more. So in 1991, Danielle Weren became "Danielle Marie Bough". As Danielle grew up she continued to bring us such enjoyment. She always made us laugh. She loved to dance, and sing, and show off in front of others. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the show. As Danielle matured, her love for God became evident. She loved being able to talk to people about the things she learned and believed in. When she was 11 she decided she wanted to dedicate her life to serving God forever. On September 2, 2000 she did dedicate her life and she became one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Around this time Danielle decided she would like to be homeschooled, so after much debate on the pros and cons we took her out of school and I became her teacher. Talk about a challenge. We fought, we talked, we loved, we played, we had fun, and we had frustration, but we got through it all. Danielle had a joy in life: she loved going to others homes and teaching them about God and the promises he holds out for us in his word. She still never knew a stranger. She talked to anyone, anytime. She had no fear of man. She knew what she wanted to do and nothing was going to stop her. This was how she lived her life. She had goals, she met them. She made promises, she kept them. She made mistakes, and "sometimes" learned from them. She was after all a young teen. She was sassy, and smart. Funny and annoying. She could make you want to grab her and hug her, and then in the same breathe make you want to strangle her. But her smile, her amazing smile brought out joy in everyone. Her smile and the way it traveled to her eyes is still the thing people talk about missing the most. Danielle graduated a year early from school. April 2, 1989 changed my life "dramatically," November 26, 2006 changed my life "tramatically" forever.


Senior portrait

The song playing now is called "Stand", I chose it for two reasons, one: Rascal Flatts was Dani's all time favorite group. She had every cd they made, knew words to every song, knew about their lives, and thought Joe Don was just "so cute" I agreed with her on that one. This site just wouldn't be about Dani if it didn't have a Rascal Flatts song or two on it. The second reason I chose it is because the first time I heard it, it just reminded me so much of Dani. She never let things get her down for too long. She would take in the situation, fret about it for a few minutes, then just dismiss it. Even if it was personal, she would cry, get mad, worry a little, but in everything she did, she would come out on the other side. She would "Stand". Life to Dani was meant for living. Not worrying. She learned to "Stand" in every aspect of her life. And she stood proud. This song is the epitome of how Dani chose to face life. She chose to "Stand"

Senior portrait
Green was her favorite color

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